"We Will Remember Them" Cockermouth  - 1914-1918

War Time

War has an impact on any community, but when the main industries in a region were mining and farming - as they were in Fletchertown in the early 1900s - then the impact was devastating. The books below re-live those times, and demonstrate how people adapted and coped with the challenges they encountered.


I am grateful to all those people that have shared their memories with me during my research into all of my books.  Over the years so many of you have been in touch to give permission for me to use these memories, It would have been impossible for me to have put the books together without this help. 


                       Sleep on, dear son, in a soldier’s grave,

                      Your life for your country you nobly gave;

                      No one stood near you to say good-bye,

                      But safe in God’s keeping now you lie.


                      No mother’s care did him attend,

                      Nor o’er him did a father bend;

                      No sister by to shed a tear,

                      No brother by his words to hear.


                      Sick, dying in a foreign land,

                      No mother near to close his eyes;

                      Far from his native land he lies.


                              Poem from WW1



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If you are in the area of the following Church's you will find a folder with information about some of the men who took part in WW1.  This gives a little information about several of the men and it is FREE to read. The Church's are:-  Bassenthwaite, St Bega, (in the grounds of Mirehouse), Boltongate, Fletchertown, (Also the Community Centre when it is open) Ireby, Torpenhow and Uldale Church's.  I have used those men on the Cenotaphs and Roll of Honour List for that area.  These folders help to show who they really were, thier family's and what they did.

All these Church's are in the northern area of Cumbria.



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Cockermouths Evacuees - 1939-1945 

2014 represents 75 years since the outbreak of the

Second World War

Evacuee Children in Cockermouth-  Having researched many of the local school logbooks, I was surprised to find that really only Fairfield School appeared to refer to the evacuee children. I then found out that the children who came from the North-East came with their own teachers who had their own logbooks.  There were also quite a lot that came independently from other counties across the country as well.   So much work went into accommodating all the children that were evacuated to the Cockermouth area, over 1100 children came here from the Newcastle area alone in the first two days.  I managed to trace many of these evacuees from the North-East and have printed their memories of that time in this book.  Some of these people have now passed away so their memories are invaluable, it was a privilege to have met them. 

Although this book is about Cockermouth's Evacuees it gives a good idea of how children would have felt wherever they were evacuated to.


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Wigton "Let us not forget those who gave their lives in WWI

In this book I have endeavored to research the 118 men and 1 woman who are mentioned on the Wigton WW1 Cenotaph. I decided, as it was only their names that were mention, to look further into who they were, what they did before the war and, where I can, where they lived.  Were they married, did they have children, anything to give us an insight about their lives?  These men, and many more were killed in this dreadful war and I felt that they deserved more than just a name. Some of them I have failed to find, but it was not for the lack of trying.  We owe them so much.  

£6.75 incl. all charges

Binsey Area of North Cumberland.

Allhallows, Bassenthwaite,The Boltons, Ireby, Torpenhow, Uldale and other villages.

In this edition I have researched many of the men not mentioned in my other books,   This was because they mainly came from the smaller villages.  However, I didn't want to leave them out. As with my other books I have tried to find out about some of them, but not all.  So much of the information was lost in WW2 by buildings being bombed. I have also included Isabella Hope who was a VAD Nurse at Dalston Hall and a Nurse at Newcastle during WW1. She died a young woman, most likely from an illness she had picked up nursing others.  All these people gave their lives for us, people they will never know.  Why do we still not learn?   

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Let us Remember.

The many men from Fletchertown/Mealsgate

I have tried to discover a little about some of the brave men from around the Fletchertown/Mealsgate area. About 60 altogether. Many lost their lives, and those who did come back found all sorts of difficulties in putting memories of that time behind them and getting back to some sort of normality. In 1918 life was very different to what we know today, as I have shown later in the book when I have used recollections from the son of an old soldier, Thomas Robinson.  The family have passed on his memories of old Fletchertown and his life which I have included them in this book.  This book includes some men from the surrounding area as well.  

I hope my books will be of some help and comfort to you if you are a family member. I only wish I could have found them all. 

£6.75 incl. all charges

Keswick WW1"Never Let Us Forget Them"

This is the latest in this series of books about WW1. It was a dreadful war and so many of our men never came back those that did were very often traumatised for the rest of their lives, no wonder they seldom spoke of their experiences. It is now over 100 years since the outbreak of this war and I feel that these men deserve to be remembered. I have gathered information about who they were, where they lived, were they married and a lot more.

I have looked into about 100 men from Keswick and the surrounding area, but please forgive me for the men I have missed out.

£6.75 incl. all charges

We Will Remember Them: Including many families from the Cockermouth & District Area

Because it was so long ago, it is no longer possible to ask anyone who was directly involved for their opinions and feelings. I have tried to find out just a little of who the men were and what they did before the war. Some of the jobs no longer exist, for instance; the Mills have now gone. Altogether some 170 people and their families from the Cockermouth & District have been researched for this book. They came from Embleton, Dovenby, Brigham, Papcastle Lamplugh and other villages so you may find your old relatives in this book.

£6.75 incl. all charges

In this book, to give an idea of how people were living in Wigton at that time, I have traced the years leading up to. and including, World War 1.  After the outbreak of hostilities, local representatives went to London, by train, to bring back several refugees who had fled from their homes across Belgium. 

The Sisters of Mercy, through the Catholic School, were very active looking after children etc.  The V.A.D. (Voluntary Aid Detachment) looked after our injured soldiers at Dalston Hall and the Englethwaite Auxiliary Military Hospital, Carlisle.  The people of Carlisle raised money, supported those who ended up in the work house (now the Wigton Hospital), and much more.   

£6.75 incl. all charges

During my research, I was fortunate to find both men and women who joined the forces, and other organisations, to help during both World Wars. This has given me an opportunity to trace some of them.

In this book I have discovered what they did before, during and after the two wars. Fortunately, the majority survived the wars.

Both the school, and Women's Institute were active in raising funds and moral, in the village, for the war effort.  Fortunately, the majority survived the wars.

I found it interesting to see just how much was achieved by the residents of West Ward, they certainly did their share of supporting the service men and women During WW2.  We included more men who were in the Navy and R.A.F.   

£6.75 incl. all charges

"Wartime Letters" by 2 Ewbank Brothers from the Front Line - 1914-1918

 Written by Leonard and John Walter Ewbank, two Boltongate brothers- these are the informative and very moving letters written during WW1 to their parents.  Both brothers lost their lives in this dreadful war. 

The Ewbank family originated from Cockermouth. Both boys were educated at St. Bees. Leonard planned to follow his father into the church; Walter was more interested in the natural studies of wildlife, so who knows what he would have achieved. I obtained permission from members of the family to reprint the letters from the book that was put together, in the boys’ memory for their mother and family in about 1922.  

This book is a real insight as to what it was like on the 'Front Line' it will make you think, how the parents and families of the men felt back home we can only imagine. 

£6.75 incl. all charges


"Local Hero's from WW1:

Men from the area of Cumberland

(incl.some of the Ewbank letters, above)


Men from the Allhallows Area- Some contents of this book are about the Ewbank family including more information on the young men featured in the “Wartime Letters” book.  I have included some other men from the Fletchertown Area that took part in the First World War. It also features a little about Joseph Robinson’s war and records a few local men.  The book shows what life was like in a mining village in the early 1900s.  



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HMS Sweetbriar: A Corvette adopted by Wigton and the surrounding villages


A few years ago I came across the H.M.S. Melbreak, a ship that Cockermouth adopted during 1941. Since then, I have discovered mention of the Wigton area adopting a Corvette, named H.M.S. Sweetbriar for £149,989 in 1942. It would do well to remember that the amount of people living here then, would be a lot less than today, and that a lot of people would be away doing their bit for their country, so the money would have been raised in the main by the older and younger generations, not forgetting the ladies who had their husbands away.  

£6.50 incl. all charges

HMS Melbreak: Cockermouth's Adopted Ship 1939 - 1945

An important part of the war effort which the public subscribed to between March 7th - 14th 1941, Cockermouth raised £112,790 for Warship Week to pay for this adoption. More support and money followed, this is what helped pay for -

H.M.S. Melbreak.  In this book I have tried to give some of the activity between Cockermouth and the Melbreak’s Captain and crew.  For instance, the town received a parcel of 360 bananas from the captain and crew to the children in recognition of how much their effort was appreciated.

£6.50 incl. all charges

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HMS Sweetbriar and HMS Melbreak books

together and save £1.50 


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